Special Floor Area Regulations

The floor area provisions of Section 62-32 (Maximum Floor Area Ratio and Lot Coverage on Waterfront Blocks) and applicable regulations shall apply except as modified in this Section, inclusive.

(a)        Floor space for accessory off-street parking

The floor area of a building shall not include floor space used for accessory off-street parking spaces provided in any story located not more than 33 feet above the height of the base plane.

(b)        Special floor area regulations for mixed use districts

For M1 Districts paired with a Residence District, located inside a Mandatory Inclusionary Housing area, the applicable maximum floor area ratio provisions of paragraph (d) of Section 23-154 (Inclusionary Housing) or Section 23-155 (Affordable independent residences for seniors) shall apply to all residential uses. In addition, the maximum floor area ratio shall be 4.8 for community facility uses, 3.0 for commercial uses and 3.0 for manufacturing uses.