Special enclosure regulations for specific uses previously prohibited under the former College Point Urban Renewal Plan

The following uses, including all storage of materials or products, shall be located within a completely enclosed building:

From Use Group 17 A:

Produce or meat markets, wholesale.

From Use Group 18A:

Incineration or reduction of garbage, offal or dead animals

Radioactive waste disposal services involving the handling or storage of radioactive waste

Sewage disposal plants

Stock yards or slaughtering of animals or poultry.

From Use Group 18B:

Dumps, marine transfer stations for garbage or slag piles

Electric power or steam generating plants

Explosives storage, when not prohibited by other ordinances

Junk or salvage establishments, including auto wrecking or similar establishments

Scrap metal, junk, paper or rags storage, sorting, or baling.

All commercial or manufacturing uses specified in this Section shall be permitted, provided the City Planning Commission certifies that such uses comply with the provisions of this Chapter. A site plan indicating the distribution of bulk, uses, planting areas and planting types shall be submitted to the Commission. Such submission shall be referred to the applicable Community Board and Borough President for review and comment for a period of no less than 45 days prior to such certification.