Enclosure Regulations

The following provisions supersede Sections 42-41 (Enclosure of Commercial or Manufacturing Activities) and 42-42 (Enclosure or Screening of Storage).

All commercial or manufacturing uses established by a development, enlargement, extension, or change of use, including storage of materials or products, shall be subject to the provisions of this Section, inclusive. With respect to the enlargement or extension of an existing use or storage of materials or products, such provisions shall apply to the enlarged or extended portion of such use or storage. In addition, new accessory open storage or any increase in the portion of a zoning lot used for accessory open storage shall conform to the provisions of this Section.

However, these provisions shall not apply to open parking and loading areas as specifically provided in Sections 44-11 (General Provisions) and 44-51 (Permitted Accessory Off-street Loading Berths).