Private Street Requirements in Newtown Creek Subdistrict

In the Newtown Creek Subdistrict, where a private street is provided pursuant to paragraph (a) of Section 125-22, such private street shall be constructed to minimum Department of Transportation standards for public streets, including lighting, curbs and curb drops. Such private street shall consist of a paved road bed with a minimum width of 34 feet from curb to curb with 13 foot wide sidewalks on each side along its entire length. Such private street shall be located as shown on Map 8 (Publicly Accessible Private Street and Open Area in Newtown Creek Subdistrict) in Appendix A of this Chapter. One tree shall be planted for every 25 feet of curb length of the private street. Fractions equal to or greater than one-half resulting from this calculation shall be considered to be one tree. Such trees shall be planted at approximately equal intervals along the entire length of the curb of the private street.