Publicly Accessible Open Area Requirements on

A publicly accessible private open area shall be provided within the area of Parcel G in the East River Subdistrict as shown on Map 7 (Mandatory Sidewalk Widenings and Publicly Accessible Open Area) in Appendix A of this Chapter. No excavation or building permit shall be issued for any development on such parcel until the Chairperson of the City Planning Commission certifies to the Department of Buildings that a site plan for such open area has been submitted that is consistent with the Department of Parks and Recreation design standards used for the development of the adjacent public park. A certification under this paragraph shall be granted on condition that an acceptable restrictive declaration is executed and filed, binding the owners, successors and assigns to develop such publicly accessible private open area in accordance with the approved site plan and to maintain such open area in accordance with maintenance standards acceptable to the Department of Parks and Recreation.

In the event that Parcel G is not owned by the City, then, prior to design and development of the publicly accessible open area, the owner of Parcel G may make a request directed to the Office of the Mayor to transfer to the City its fee simple absolute interest, free and clear of any encumbrances in the open area. The City may accept the transfer request, provided that development of the open area is made in accordance with guidelines established by the Chairperson of the City Planning Commission and the Commissioner of the Department of Parks and Recreation, and transfer is made pursuant to such instruments as are necessary for implementation. In the event of a transfer, the bulk and parking computations for the zoning lot shall include the transferred property and such transfer shall not be deemed a non-compliance.