Publicly Accessible Open Area Requirements on

Parcels B, D, E and F

Map 7 (Mandatory Sidewalk Widenings and Publicly Accessible Open Area), in Appendix A of this Chapter, shows locations where open areas are permitted or required on Parcels B, D, E and F in the East River Subdistrict. Where any such area is provided, it shall be publicly accessible and comply with the standards of Sections 37-741 (Seating), 37-743 (Lighting and electrical power), 37-744 (Litter receptacles), 37-745 (Bicycle parking), 37-746 (Drinking fountains), 37-747 (Public space signage), 37-76 (Mandatory Allocation of Frontages for Permitted Uses) and 37-77 (Maintenance).

In addition, the provisions of Section 37-742 (Planting and trees) shall apply to such open areas, and shall be modified to require that:

(a)        at least 30 percent of each open area be comprised of planting beds;

(b)        at least two four-inch caliper trees or three ornamental trees be provided within such open areas on Parcels D and F; and

(c)        no trees shall be required within the open areas on Parcels B and E.