District Plan and Maps

The regulations of this Chapter are designed to implement the Special Southern Hunters Point District Plan.

The District Plan, in Appendix A of this Chapter, includes the following maps:

Map 1.        Special Southern Hunters Point District, Subdistricts and Parcels

Map 2.        Special Ground Floor Use Regulations

Map 3.        Street Wall Location

Map 4.        Minimum Base Heights of 40 Feet

Map 5.        Maximum Base Heights Other Than 70 Feet

Map 6.        Tower Areas

Map 7.        Mandatory Sidewalk Widenings and Publicly Accessible Open Area

Map 8.        Publicly Accessible Private Street and Open Area in Newtown Creek Subdistrict

Map 9.        Newtown Creek Waterfront Access Plan (Q-3)

Map 10.        Permitted Curb Cut Locations