Convention center

A trade exposition center, hereinafter referred to as a convention center, is permitted in the Special Willets Point District only in accordance with this Section and shall be located on a connector street. A convention center may only be located in the area as depicted on Map 2 (Location Requirements for Convention Center, Cinema and Office Tower) in the Appendix to this Chapter, being entirely within 650 feet of Northern Boulevard.

Furthermore, a convention center may not be located within 200 feet of 126th Street, and any portion of a convention center located between 200 feet and 450 feet of 126th Street shall be limited to no more than 50,000 square feet of floor area.

Section 124-14 (Retail Continuity) shall not be applicable to a convention center. In lieu thereof, the transparency requirements of this Section shall apply to the street wall of a convention center facing a connector street. Such street wall shall be glazed with materials which may include show windows, glazed transoms or glazed portions of doors. Such glazed area shall occupy at least 50 percent of the area of such street wall, measured to a height of 15 feet above the level of the adjoining sidewalk or public access area. Not less than 40 percent of such area shall be glazed with transparent materials.

The main entrance(s) of such convention center shall be on a connector street.