Retail Continuity

The following regulations shall apply within Area A, as shown on Map 1 in the Appendix to this Chapter, to all portions of buildings with frontage on 126th Street, the primary retail street, retail streets, connector streets and, in the event that a utility easement is retained on the block bounded by Roosevelt Avenue and 126th Street, along the frontage of the publicly accessible open space required by paragraph (d) of Section 124-42.

(a)        Ground floor uses

Uses within stories on the ground floor or with a floor level within five feet of the base plane shall be limited to commercial uses permitted by the underlying district, except uses listed in Use Groups 6B, 6E, 8C, 8D, 9B, 10B or 12D. A building’s frontage shall be allocated exclusively to such uses, except for Type 2 lobby space or entryways, provided in accordance with Section 37-33 (Maximum Width of Certain Uses), parking pursuant to Section 124-50, inclusive, and vehicular access pursuant to Section 124-53 (Curb Cut Restrictions). Such uses shall have a minimum depth of 50 feet measured from any street wall facing 126th Street, the primary retail street or connector streets.

(b)        Maximum length of establishments facing 126th Street and the primary retail street

The length of ground floor frontage occupied by any establishment shall not exceed 110 feet along 126th Street and 65 feet along the primary retail street. Such maximum lengths shall apply within 50 feet of any street wall facing 126th Street and the primary retail street. However, the provisions of this paragraph, (b), shall not apply within 300 feet of Northern Boulevard.

(c)        Access

Access to each ground floor establishment shall be provided directly from a street.

(d)        Transparency

For any building, or portion thereof, developed or enlarged after November 13, 2008, each ground floor street wall shall be glazed in accordance with Section 37-34 (Minimum Transparency Requirements).