Health and Fitness Establishments

In M1 Districts paired with a Residence District, high-intensity uses, as listed in the definition of health and fitness establishments, shall be subject to the following additional enclosure and environmental conditions:

(a)        such high-intensity uses shall be located within completely enclosed buildings; and

(b)        wheresuch high-intensity use islocated in a building containing any residential, community facility, or commercial use,an acoustical engineershallverify to the Department of Buildings prior to the issuance of a certificate of occupancy that such high-intensity use is designed according to International Organization for Standardization (ISO)or American National Standards Institute(ANSI) standards for noise control to meet the New York City Noise Code,administered by the Department of Environmental Protection.

Such high-intensity uses shall meet the following standards for noise and vibration:

(1)        impact noise measurement shall comply with ISO 16283-2:2020, or subsequent versions; and

(2)        vibration measurement shall comply with ISO 8041:2005 or ANSI/ASA S2.71, or subsequent versions, foron-sitevibration measurement and analysis.