Definitions specifically applicable to this Chapter are set forth in this Section. The definitions of other defined terms are set forth in Section 12-10 (DEFINITIONS).


Accessory use

In addition to those "accessory uses" listed in Section 12-10 (DEFINITIONS), for the purposes of this Chapter, an accessory use shall also include a dwelling unit in connection with any commercial, manufacturing or community facility establishment permitted in Special Mixed Use Districts, pursuant to Section 123-20 (SPECIAL USE REGULATIONS), provided that no more than one such unit shall be permitted in connection with any establishment, and provided further that each such unit shall not exceed a gross area of 1,200 square feet or contain more than one kitchen.


Home occupation

For the purposes of this Chapter, the home occupation provisions of Section 12-10 shall apply, except that:

(a)        up to 49 percent of the total floor area of a dwelling unit may be used for a home occupation;

(b)        such home occupation may occupy more than 500 square feet of floor area; and

(c)        businesses operated as home occupations may have up to three employees not residing in the dwelling unit.


Mixed use building

For the purposes of this Chapter, a "mixed use building" is a building in the Special Mixed Use District used partly for manufacturing, commercial or community facility use and partly for residential use.