In order to preserve the scale and character of the Grand Concourse, the bulk regulations of the underlying R8 District and the C1 or C2 Districts mapped within such R8 District shall be inapplicable to any residential or community facility developments or enlargements located within the Special District.

In lieu thereof, such developments or enlargements shall comply with the regulations of an R8X District, including Article II, Chapter 8.

If a commercial development is constructed on a vacant Commercial Infill Site previously occupied by a commercial building on or before July 1, 1981, or an existing commercial building located on a Commercial Infill Site is replaced by a commercial development, the height, lot coverage and floor area of the commercial development shall not exceed the height, lot coverage and floor area of the building it replaced. However, if a residential or community facility building is constructed on any Commercial Infill Site or when such sites become a part of the adjoining zoning lot, it shall be subject to the R8X District regulations. No mixed buildings or enlargement of existing buildings shall be permitted on any Commercial Infill Sites.