Special yard regulations

The yard regulations of the underlying districts shall apply, except as specified in this Section.

(a)        Mixed use buildings

For a residential portion of a mixed use building, the required rear yard shall be provided at the floor level of the lowest story containing dwelling units or rooming units, where any window of such dwelling units or rooming units faces onto such rear yard.

(b)        Manufacturing or commercial buildings

The rear yard provisions of the designated M1 District shall apply, except that such rear yard provisions shall not apply to manufacturing or commercial buildings on through lots.

(c)        Zoning lots adjacent to the Sunnyside Yard

On a zoning lot sharing a lot line with the Sunnyside Yard, no yards are required for any building within a distance of 100 feet from the shared lot line.

(d)        For zoning lots occupying an entire block

No rear yard or rear yard equivalent shall be required for a zoning lot occupying an entire block.