Special Provisions for Increases in Floor Area

No floor area bonuses shall be permitted within the Special Lincoln Square District except as provided in this Section. The following floor area increases may be used separately or in combination, provided that the total floor area ratio permitted on a zoning lot does not exceed 12.0.

(a)        Floor area increase for Inclusionary Housing

For any development to which the provisions of Section 23-90 (INCLUSIONARY HOUSING) are applicable, the maximum permitted residential floor area ratio may be increased by a maximum of 20 percent under the terms and conditions set forth in Section 23-90.

(b)        Floor area bonus for public amenities

On a zoning lot that is adjacent to the West 59th Street (Columbus Circle) or the West 66th Street subway station mezzanine, platform, concourse or connecting passageway, where no tracks intervene to separate the zoning lot from these elements, and such zoning lot contains 5,000 square feet or more of lot area, the City Planning Commission may, by special permit pursuant to Section 74-634 (Subway station improvements in Downtown Brooklyn and in Commercial Districts of 10 FAR and above in Manhattan), grant a maximum of 20 percent floor area bonus.

For a subway station improvement or for a subsurface concourse connection to a subway, the amount of floor area bonus that may be granted shall be at the discretion of the Commission. In determining the precise amount of floor area bonus, the Commission shall consider:

(1)        the direct construction cost of the public amenity;

(2)        the cost of maintaining the public amenity; and

(3)        the degree to which the station's general accessibility and security will be improved by the provision of new connections, additions to, or reconfigurations of, circulation space, including the provision of escalators or elevators.