Street wall location in certain districts

The provisions of this Section shall apply without requiring a building to comply with flood-resistant construction standards as established in paragraph (a) of Section 64-12 (Applicability).

In all districts, where underlying street wall location regulations require the ground floor of a street wall to extend along the entire street frontage of a zoning lot and be located on the street line, such regulations are modified as follows:

(a)        recesses, not to exceed five feet in depth from the street line, shall be permitted on the ground floor where required to provide access to the building; and

(b)        up to 30 percent of the aggregate width of street walls may be recessed beyond the street line, provided any such recesses deeper than 10 feet along a wide street, or 15 feet along a narrow street, are located within an outer court.  However, no recesses shall be permitted within 30 feet of the intersection of two street lines.