Design requirements for public access on floating structures

The design requirements of this Section shall apply to shore public walkways provided in conjunction with as-of-right development on floating structures, pursuant to Section 62-55.

(a)        Circulation and access

A circulation path shall be provided with a minimum clear width of 10 feet. On shallow portions of zoning lots where the width of the shore public walkway may be reduced in accordance with Section 62-53, the minimum clear width of the path may be reduced to a minimum of six feet when the shore public walkway is less than 16 feet.

(b)        Seating

At least one linear foot of seating is required for every 100 square feet of public access area, subject to the provisions of paragraphs (a) through (d) of Section 62-652.

(c)        Screening

Any service areas, such as that used for equipment storage or similar purposes, shall be screened from the circulation path in accordance with the standards for screening in Section 62-655 (Planting and trees).