Screening requirements for parking facilities on waterfront blocks

  1. Open parking areas on waterfront blocks shall be screened from all adjoining zoning lots pursuant to Section 62-655 (Planting and trees), paragraph (a)(7)(iii), or from a street or an upland connection pursuant to Section 37-921 (Perimeter landscaping). Screening may be interrupted only by vehicular or pedestrian entrances.
  2. All parking garages that occupy the ground floor frontage along any street or upland connection shall be screened in accordance with the planting requirements of Section 62-655.
  3. For parking garages on piers, at least 50 percent of the perimeter wall area on all sides fronting on public access areas, up to a height of 15 feet, shall consist of clear or lightly tinted transparent material or latticework.
  4. The screening requirements shall not apply to accessory parking for WD uses or other uses listed under Use Groups IV(B), IX or X, when located in C8 or Manufacturing Districts, except as set forth in the applicable district regulations.