Special Use Regulations

In order to promote the continued development of retail and related uses which are most appropriate for pedestrians using transit facilities, the only commercial uses permitted in the subway mezzanine level, along with the bounding walls of the transit easement volume and at the ground story of any development or enlargement within the Special District, shall be those uses listed in Use Group T in Section 95-081.

Use Group T uses shall not be permitted in Residence Districts prior to the improvement of a transit easement in accordance with approved and certified plans.

In all underlying districts within the Special District, below the lowest story occupied by residential uses, Use Group T uses are permitted to occupy no more than two stories above curb level. However, uses listed in paragraphs A, C or E of Section 95-081 are permitted within the Special District only where allowed by the underlying district regulations. Location of commercial uses within a building shall be governed by the provisions of Section 32-42.

In the subway mezzanine, at ground story and along the bounding walls of the transit easement volume, the frontage occupied by any uses shall not exceed 25 linear feet per establishment within a distance of 75 feet from the edge of the easement volume at any level.