Height and setback in Subareas D4 and D5

In Subareas D4 and D5 of Hell’s Kitchen Subdistrict D, the underlying height and setback regulations shall apply, except that:

(a)        the rooftop regulations set forth in Section 93-41 shall apply;

(b)        within the C2-5 District of Subarea D4, commercial uses shall be limited to two stories or a height of 30 feet, whichever is less;

(c)        within the C1-7A District of Subarea D5, recesses in the street wall of any building facing Ninth Avenue shall not be permitted within 20 feet of an adjacent building or within 30 feet of the intersection of two street lines, except as provided for permitted corner articulation; and

(d)        the regulations set forth in paragraph (d) of Section 23-692 (Height limitations for narrow buildings or enlargements) shall be modified to allow portions of buildings with street walls less than 45 feet in width to reach the height of the tallest abutting building without regard to the width of the street onto which such building fronts.