Modification of hours of operation for waterfront public access areas

For any zoning lot which was the subject of application N130058 ZCM, the hours of operation set forth in paragraph (a) of Section 62-71 (Operational Requirements) may be extended to allow public access up to 24 hours per day, and the provisions of paragraph (a)(3) of Section 62-654 (Signage) shall be modified to require any such extended hours of public access, as may change over time, to be included on the required signage. The provisions of paragraph (a)(4) of Section 62-654 shall not apply where 24 hour access is allowed. The provisions of paragraph (b) of Section 62-71 requiring rules of conduct for the waterfront public access area to be established with the Department of Parks and Recreation, and other provisions of this Chapter requiring a maintenance and operation agreement pursuant to Section 62-74 (Requirements for Recordation), shall not apply so long as a legal instrument acceptable to the Chairperson, in all other respects consistent with the provisions of Section 62-74, has been executed and recorded, setting forth rules of conduct and maintenance and operations requirements.