Permitted Signs

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In all districts, as indicated, signs are permitted subject to the provisions of the following Sections:

Section 42-53 (Surface Area and Illumination Provisions)

Section 42-54 (Permitted Projection or Height of Signs)

Section 42-55 (Additional Regulations for Signs Near Certain Parks and Designated Arterial Highways)

Section 42-56 (Special Provisions Applying Along District Boundaries)

Section 42-57 (Additional Sign Regulations for Adult Establishments)

Section 42-58 (Signs Erected Prior to December 13, 2000).

However, notwithstanding any provision of this Section, flags, banners or pennants other than those that are advertising signs, located on any zoning lot used primarily for community facility uses of a civic, philanthropic, educational or religious nature, are permitted in all districts, as indicated, without limitation.