Use Groups 4A, 4B, 5, 6C, 6E, 7A, 9A and 12B


Use Groups 4B, 5, 6C, 6E, 7A, 9A and 12B as set forth in Sections 32-13, 32-14, 32-15, 32-16, 32-18, 32-21.

Use Group 4A shall be limited to all health facilities requiring approval under Article 28 of the Public Health Law of the State of New York that, prior to July 10, 1974, have received approval of Part I of the required application from the Commissioner of Health, ambulatory diagnostic or treatment health care facilities, as listed in Section 22-14 (Use Group 4), and houses of worship. Such uses are not subject to the special permit provisions of Sections 42-32 and 74-921.

Transient hotels, as listed in Section 32-14 (Use Group 5), and motels, tourist cabins or boatels, as listed in Section 32-16 (Use Group 7A), shall be subject to the special provisions of Section 42-111 (Special provisions for hotels in M1 Districts) or, where applicable, Section 32-02 (Special Provisions for Hotels). For the purposes of this Section, inclusive, transient hotels shall include motels, tourist cabins and boatels.