Reporting Requirements

No later than April 1 of every other calendar year, beginning April 1, 2023, the Brooklyn Navy Yard Development Corporation shall submit to the Chairperson of the City Planning Commission and to the Speaker of the City Council a report on the development and enlargement of buildings, and the types of uses contained within the Special Brooklyn Navy Yard District. Such report shall include, but shall not be limited to:

(a)        the name of each business establishment existing in the Special Brooklyn Navy Yard District. For each business establishment, the address or building number and floor, type of business, size, and lease duration;

(b)        new leases executed during the reporting period, categorized by tenant name, type of business, size, and lease duration;

(c)        the amount of floor area in developments and enlargements created after December 15, 2021, in each of the following Use Groups, subgroups and specific use as listed in this Resolution:

(1)        community facility uses in Use Groups 3 and 4;

(2)        retail uses in Use Groups 6A, 6C, 9A, 10A and 12B;

(3)        office uses in Use Group 6B;

(4)        art, music, dancing or theatrical studios in Use Group 9;

(5)        photographic or motion picture production studios, or radio or television studios in Use Group 10;

(6)        manufacturing uses in Use Groups 11, 16A, 16D, 17, and 18; and

(7)        any other uses; and

(d)        the number of buildings developed or enlarged during the reporting period and the amount of floor area and uses contained within such development or enlargement.