Design Requirements

The required public access areas in each Subarea shall comply with the following provisions:

(a)        The required public access area shall be open to the sky, provided that building awnings, entrance canopies, solar shading devices, and similar structures attached to an adjoining building and extending over the public access area shall be permitted;

(b)        The required public access area shall include planted areas in an amount not less than 20 percent of the area of the required open space;

(c)        At least one linear foot of seating shall be provided for each 200 square feet of required public access areas, except that for the pedestrian connection required pursuant to paragraph (c)(2) of Section 144-31, at least 12 linear feet of seating for every 100 feet of pedestrian connection shall be provided; and

(d)        Public access area signage complying with the requirements of Section 37-751 (Public space signage systems) shall be located at all entry points to the public access areas.

(e)        In the Barge Basin Subdistrict:

(1)        the pedestrian esplanade around the Barge Basin and the pedestrian connections from Kent Avenue to the eastern pedestrian esplanade shall include a primary circulation path along the length of such elements with a minimum clear width of 10 feet; and

(2)        at least three different types of seating shall be provided, which may include moveable seating, fixed individual seats, fixed benches with and without backs, and design-feature seating such as seat walls, planter ledges, or seating steps.

Additional amenities including pathways, seating steps, entrances to adjoining buildings, artwork, maritime or industrial elements, tables, seating above the required minimum, lighting fixtures, litter receptacles, kiosks, children play areas, railings, drinking fountains, water features, planting and trees may be included in the public access areas and shall be permitted obstructions.