Additional Uses Permitted in All Districts

In all districts, the underlying use regulations are modified as follows:

(a)        Alcoholic beverages and breweries

The manufacture of alcoholic beverages and breweries, as specified in Section 42-15 (Use Group 18), shall be permitted, subject to the applicable performance standards, except that the provisions of Section 42-27 (Performance Standards Regulating Fire and Explosive Hazards) shall not apply.

(b)        Water-dependent uses

The provisions of Section 62-21 (Classification of Uses in the Waterfront Area), Section 62-22 (Commercial Docking Facilities), Section 62-24 (Uses on Piers and Platforms), and Section 62-25 (Uses on Floating Structures) shall apply, provided that all uses existing on piers and platforms as of December 15, 2021, shall be deemed conforming uses.