Special Permit for Transient Hotels

The development or enlargement of a building containing a transient hotel, as listed in Section 32-14 (Use Group 5), or the conversion or change of use within an existing building to a transient hotel, shall only be allowed in C2 Districts, subject to the locational criteria set forth in the double-asterisked footnote of Use Group 5 in Section 32-14, and in C4 Districts;

(a)        upon certification by the Chairperson of the City Planning Commission to the Commissioner of Buildings that the residential development goal, as set forth in this Section, has been met; or

(b)        by special permit by the City Planning Commission where such residential development goal, has not been met. To permit such a transient hotel, the Commission shall find that:

(1)        sufficient sites are available in the area to meet the residential development goal; or

(2)        a harmonious mix of residential and non-residential uses has been established in the area, and such transient hotel is consistent with the character of the surrounding area.

The City Planning Commission may prescribe additional conditions and safeguards to minimize adverse effects on the character of the surrounding area.

For the purpose of applying the provisions of this Section, the residential development goal shall be met when at least 3,006 dwelling units within the Special Jerome Corridor District have received temporary or final certificates of occupancy subsequent to March 22, 2018.