Ground Floor Use Regulations

The special ground floor use provisions of this Section shall apply to any portion of a building:

(a)        fronting on a designated street, as shown on Map 3 (Ground Floor Use and Transparency Requirements); or

(b)        located within 175 feet of Mott Avenue and fronting on Open Space A.

Uses within stories on the ground floor or with a floor level within five feet of the level of the adjoining sidewalk, shall be limited to non-residential uses. The street frontage of a building shall be allocated exclusively to such uses, except for Type 1 lobby space, entrances and exits to accessory off-street parking facilities, and entryways or entrances to subway stations in accordance with Section 37-33 (Maximum Width of Certain Uses). Such non-residential uses shall comply with the minimum depth provisions of Section 37-32 (Ground Floor Depth Requirements for Certain Uses).