Location of Accessory Off-street Parking Spaces

No open parking areas shall be located between the street wall of a building and the street line, and no open parking area shall front upon a commercial street. All open parking areas, regardless of the number of parking spaces, shall comply with the perimeter screening requirements of Section 37-921.

All off-street parking spaces within structures shall be located within facilities that, except for entrances and exits, are:

(a)        entirely below the level of each street upon which such facility fronts; or

(b)        located, at every level above-grade, behind floor area or screening in accordance with the provisions of Section 37-35 (Parking Wrap and Screening Requirements). For the purpose of applying such provisions, commercial streets designated on Map 2 in Appendix A of this Chapter shall be considered designated retail streets; and

(c)        no parking shall be permitted on the roof of such facilities.