Visual Corridors in the North Waterfront Subdistrict

The designated locations for visual corridors, as defined in Article VI, Chapter 2, are shown on Map 5 in the Appendix to this Chapter. Such visual corridors shall be provided in accordance with the standards of Sections 62-512 (Dimensions of visual corridors) and 62-513 (Permitted obstructions in visual corridors), except that:

(a)        lighting fixtures in visual corridors shall be considered permitted obstructions; and

(b)        within the visual corridor provided through Parcel 2 to the Pierhead line within the flexible location zone indicated on Map 5, a portion of a building shall be a permitted obstruction, provided that such obstruction is located no more than 14 feet above the reference plane of the visual corridor, and that such obstruction occupies no more than 185,000 cubic feet in total above the reference plane of the visual corridor.