Maximum Base Height

The maximum height of a building or other structure before setback shall be as specified on Map 3 (Minimum and Maximum Base Heights) in the Appendix to this Chapter. Where a maximum base height of 65 feet applies as shown on Map 3, such maximum base height shall be reduced to 40 feet for zoning lots developed or enlarged pursuant to the tower provisions of Section 128-35. When a building fronts on two intersecting streets for which different maximum base heights apply, the higher base height may wrap around to the street with the lower base height for a distance of up to 100 feet. All portions of buildings or other structures above such maximum base heights shall provide a setback at least 10 feet in depth measured from any street wall facing a wide street and 15 feet in depth from any street wall facing a narrow street.

In C4-2 Districts within the Upland Subdistrict, dormers may exceed the maximum base height in accordance with the provisions of paragraph (c) of Section 23-621 (Permitted obstructions in certain districts). However, on any zoning lot that includes a tower developed or enlarged pursuant to Section 128-35, dormers shall not be permitted.