Ground Floor Uses on Commercial Streets

Map 2 (Commercial Streets) in the Appendix to this Chapter specifies locations where the special ground floor use regulations of this Section apply.

Uses on the ground floor of a building shall be limited to commercial uses, except for Type 1 lobbies and entrances to accessory parking spaces provided in accordance with Section 37-33 (Maximum Width of Certain Uses). Such commercial uses shall comply with the minimum depth provisions of Section 37-32 (Ground Floor Depth Requirements for Certain Uses). In addition, accessory parking spaces, including such spaces accessory to residences, shall be permitted on the ground floor, provided they comply with the provisions of Section 37-35 (Parking Wrap and Screening Requirements). The level of the finished floor of such ground floor shall be located not higher than two feet above nor lower than two feet below the as-built level of the adjoining street.