Special Use Regulations

In order to retain the existing residential and retail character of the area, commercial uses shall occupy at least the first story that has a floor level within five feet of curb level. Such commercial uses shall be limited to uses listed in Section 99-031 (Use Group MP). Notwithstanding the provisions of Article V, Chapter 2, non-conforming uses may only be changed to uses listed in Section 99-031. Such commercial uses shall occupy a minimum linear frontage of 75 percent of the frontage of a zoning lot on Madison Avenue, except that lots with a frontage of 100 feet or less on Madison Avenue may have a commercial frontage of less than 75 percent in order to provide a maximum 25 foot wide entrance to the residential portion of the building.

The mandatory use regulations of this Section may be modified for a community facility, pursuant to the certification provisions of Section 99-032 (Modifications of use regulations for a community facility).