(a)        In the Special West Chelsea District, the provisions of paragraphs (a) through (d), inclusive, of Section 93-90 (HARASSMENT) shall apply as modified in this Section.

(b)        In the Special West Chelsea District, the provisions of Section 93-91 (Demolition) shall apply.

For the purposes of this Section, the following definitions in Section 93-90 shall be modified:


Anti-harassment area

“Anti-harassment area” shall mean the Special West Chelsea District.


Referral date

“Referral date” shall mean December 20, 2004.

In addition, Section 93-90, paragraph (d)(3), is modified as follows:

No portion of the low income housing required under this Section shall qualify to:

(a)        increase the floor area ratio pursuant to the provisions of the Special West Chelsea District, Special Hudson Yards District, Special Garment Center District, Special Clinton District or Section 23-154; or

(b)        satisfy an eligibility requirement of any real property tax abatement or exemption program with respect to any multiple dwelling that does not contain such low income housing.