Termination of High Line Access Easement Volume

In the event that the City Planning Commission notifies the Department of Buildings and the owner in writing that a High Line access easement volume is not required on a zoning lot under the final construction plans for the restoration and reuse of the High Line as an accessible, public open space, the restrictions imposed on such zoning lot by the provisions of Section 98-61 (High Line Access or Support Easement Volumes Requirement) shall lapse, following receipt of notification thereof by the owner, and the owner shall have the right to record an instrument reciting the consent of the Commission to the extinguishment of the easement volume. On termination of the High Line access easement volume requirement which has been certified pursuant to this Section, any area reserved for such easement within a building or other structure may be used for any use permitted pursuant to the provisions of this Chapter and such area shall not be considered floor area; and any open area reserved for such easement shall be maintained as an open area and shall be subject to the open area requirements of Section 98-53 (Required Open Areas on the East Side of the High Line).