Special Rear Yard Regulations

The yard regulations of the underlying district shall apply, except as modified in this Section. In all districts, no rear yard regulations shall apply to any zoning lot that includes a through lot portion that is contiguous on one side to two corner lot portions and such zoning lot occupies the entire block frontage of the street. Where a rear yard equivalent is required by either Section 23-532 (Required rear yard equivalents) or Section 43-28 (Special Provisions for Through Lots), it shall be provided only as set forth in paragraph (a) of either Section, as applicable. However, in M1-5 Districts, a building existing prior to January 22, 2015, may be enlarged pursuant to Section 43-28, paragraph (b), provided that such building is on a zoning lot located entirely within 150 feet of the west side of the High Line. Where a rear yard equivalent is required by Section 23-533 (Required rear yard equivalents for Quality Housing buildings), the alternatives for through lots with a depth of 180 feet or less shall not apply.