Screening and Landscaping Requirements for Vacant Sites

Any zoning lot within the High Line Transfer Corridor that has transferred floor area pursuant to Section 98-33 (Transfer of Development Rights From the High Line Transfer Corridor), and is 50 percent or more vacant shall be screened from the street and/or landscaped in accordance with the provisions of this Section, except that zoning lots occupied by buildings that extend along at least 85 percent of the street frontage of the zoning lot and are located within five feet of the street line are not required to provide screening or landscaping.        

Such open or vacant areas on zoning lots shall be screened from the street by a fence or gate with a surface that is at least 75 percent open, extending not less than six feet and not higher than eight feet above finished grade; or alternatively, by a planting strip at least four feet wide and densely planted with evergreen shrubs at least four feet high at the time of planting or of a variety expected to reach a height of six feet within three years, or by both. Chain link and fences containing barbed wire or razor wire shall be prohibited. For portions of zoning lots located beneath the High Line, planting strips shall be prohibited.