Located partially within Subarea C and partially within M1-5 Districts

For zoning lots existing prior to June 23, 2005, and located partially within an M1-5 District and partially within a C6-3 District in Subarea C, the permitted floor area ratio for the C6-3 District portion of the zoning lot may be increased to the floor area ratio existing in the C6-3 District portion on June 23, 2005, up to a maximum floor area ratio of 7.5, provided that the Chairperson of the City Planning Commission has certified that a payment has been made to the High Line Improvement Fund, established under Section 98-25, to be used at the discretion of the Chairperson to assure that the High Line is restored and reused as a public accessible open space. The amount of such contribution shall be determined in the manner prescribed in Section 98-35 (High Line Transfer Corridor Bonus).

No building permit for any development or enlargement may be issued for any building or other structure on the zoning lot that will contain floor area made available to the zoning lot as a result of the application of this Section unless and until such certification has been made.