Ground Floor Use and Transparency Requirements on Tenth Avenue

Except in Subarea J, the special ground floor use and glazing regulations of this Section apply to that portion of a building or other structure fronting on Tenth Avenue in the Special West Chelsea District. Ground floor uses in Subarea J shall be governed by the underlying use regulations as modified by Section 98-13 (Modification of Use Regulations in M1 Districts).

Uses within stories that have a floor level within five feet of curb level, and within 25 feet of the street line, shall be limited to commercial uses permitted by the underlying district or museums or non-commercial art galleries as listed in Use Group 3. A building’s street frontage shall be allocated exclusively to such uses, except for lobby space or entryways. In no event shall the length of street frontage occupied by lobby space or entryways exceed, in total, 40 feet or 50 percent of the building’s total street frontage, whichever is less.

For any building or portion of a building developed or enlarged after June 23, 2005, each ground floor street wall shall be glazed with materials which may include show windows, glazed transoms or glazed portions of doors. Such glazed area shall occupy at least 70 percent of such ground floor street wall surface. The lowest point at any point of transparency that is provided to satisfy the requirements of this Section shall be not higher than two feet above the level of the adjoining sidewalk or public access area and shall be no less than eight feet in height measured from such lowest point. Not less than 50 percent of such ground floor street wall surface shall be glazed with transparent materials, and up to 20 percent of such ground floor street wall may be glazed with translucent materials.