Definitions specifically applicable to this Chapter are set forth in this Section. The definitions of other defined terms are as set forth in Section 12-10 (DEFINITIONS).


High Line

The “High Line” shall, for the purposes of this Chapter, refer to the elevated rail line structure and associated elevated easement located between Gansevoort Street and West 30th Street.


High Line bed

The “High Line bed” is the highest level of the horizontal surface (platform) of the High Line elevated rail line structure as of June 23, 2005, as shown in Diagram 7 in Appendix C of this Chapter. For the purposes of this Chapter, the level of the High Line bed is the average level of the High Line bed on a zoning lot over which the High Line passes.


High Line frontage

“High Line frontage” is that portion of a building that faces and is located within 15 feet of the west side and 25 feet of the east side of the High Line.


High Line Transfer Corridor

The “High Line Transfer Corridor” is an area within which the High Line is located, as specified in Appendix B of this Chapter, where development rights may be transferred to receiving sites in certain subareas in the Special West Chelsea District, pursuant to the provisions of Section 98-30 (HIGH LINE TRANSFER CORRIDOR), inclusive.