The "Special West Chelsea District" established in this Resolution, is designed to promote and protect public health, safety, general welfare and amenity. These general goals include among others, the following specific purposes:

(a)        to encourage and guide the development of West Chelsea as a dynamic mixed use neighborhood;

(b)        to encourage the development of residential uses along appropriate avenues and streets;

(c)        to encourage and support the growth of arts-related uses in West Chelsea;

(d)        to facilitate the restoration and reuse of the High Line elevated rail line as an accessible, public open space through special height and setback regulations, High Line improvement bonuses and the transfer of development rights from the High Line Transfer Corridor;

(e)        to ensure that the form and use of new buildings relates to and enhances neighborhood character and the High Line open space;

(f)        to create and provide a transition to the lower-scale Chelsea Historic District to the east;

(g)        to create and provide a transition to the Hudson Yards area to the north; and

(h)        to promote the most desirable use of land in the area and thus to conserve the value of land and buildings, and thereby protect the City's tax revenues, consistent with the foregoing purposes.