Floor area regulations

For any zoning lot within the Preservation Area, the floor area ratio for a residential, commercial or community facility building, or portions of a mixed building containing such uses, shall not exceed the following:


Floor Area Ratio

Residential buildings or community facility buildings or portions of mixed buildings containing residential or community facility uses in the following Districts:

R8 C1-5 C2-5 C6-2


Commercial buildings or commercial portion of mixed buildings in the following Districts:

C1-5 C2-5




*        In C6-2 Districts, for zoning lots, or portions thereof, comprised of listed theaters designated in Section 81-742 of the Special Midtown District, the City Planning Commission shall allow a transfer of development rights pursuant to Section 81-744 (Transfer of development rights from listed theaters). The basic maximum floor area ratio for transfer purposes for such zoning lots, or portions thereof, shall be 6.02.

The maximum floor area in a mixed building shall be the maximum floor area permitted for either the commercial portion of such building or the community facility portion of such building or the residential portion of such building, as set forth in this Section, whichever permits the greatest amount of floor area.