Special Regulations for Accessory Off-street Parking and Curb Cuts

Within the portion of the Special Transit Land Use District located within the Manhattan Core, the provisions of Article I, Chapter 3 (Comprehensive Off-street Parking and Loading Regulations in the Manhattan Core), inclusive, shall apply. For all other portions of the Special Transit Land Use District, the provisions of this Section shall apply.

On any zoning lot on which a transit easement volume is provided, the required accessory off-street parking requirements for residential uses of the applicable underlying districts shall be reduced to a maximum of 20 percent.

In no case within the Special District shall curb cuts for vehicular access be located on a street containing transit lines or on a street within 50 feet of its intersection with the street lines of such a street.

The accessory parking requirements shall not apply to any development or enlargement for which the Commissioner of Buildings has certified that there is no way to provide the required parking spaces with access to a street in conformity with the provisions of this Section.