Weather protection

The stairs or escalators providing pedestrian access to the subway mezzanine, which are not covered at the entrance level, shall be weather protected by the building or portion thereof including an overhang, or by a roofed area provided by the owner of the zoning lot in accordance with the Metropolitan Transportation Authority requirements. Such overhang or roofed area shall cover either or both the stairway and the escalator which are uncovered at the ground level. Any overhang or roofed area shall be sufficient to cover the access facilities within the easement volume and may not otherwise obstruct the public plaza.

When the subway entrance is within an open public plaza area, a roof area shall be provided with either a glazed or translucent material for at least 50 percent of its surface area. The roofed area shall be no more than 15 feet above curb level and shall blend harmoniously with the buildings on the zoning lot and any adjoining public plaza or open area.