Development of transit access facilities

All access facilities, including any light wells or sky lights required within a transit easement volume established pursuant to the provisions of Section 95-031 (Selection of transit easement at certain stations), or access and ancillary facilities required pursuant to the provisions of Section 95-032 (Determination of transit easement at other stations), shall be constructed and maintained by the Metropolitan Transportation Authority except for any building columns, footings or any other permitted obstructions allowed therein.

The subway entrance within the transit easement volume and any adjoining public plaza shall be at the same elevation as the adjoining sidewalk and shall be directly accessible to the public at all times. When such entrance is not located at the street line, it shall be visually prominent and directly accessible from a street by a paved pedestrian walk at least 20 feet in width and at the same elevation as the adjoining sidewalk. Such privately owned pedestrian walk shall be maintained by the owner. In order to provide natural light to the subway mezzanine level, at least 10 percent of the transit easement area at curb level shall be provided with light wells and skylights.