The "Special Transit Land Use District" established in this Resolution is designed to promote and protect public health, safety, general welfare and amenity. These general goals include the following specific purposes:

(a)        to minimize the conflict between normal pedestrian movements on public sidewalks and access to underground transit systems, by requiring developments within the Special District to provide access to underground transit or other subway amenities;

(b)        to reduce congestion on city streets in the vicinity of transportation nodes, by encouraging the provision of adequate underground pedestrian circulation systems;

(c)        to require adequate access of light and air to the subway mezzanines or station areas of the underground transit system and other related facilities in order to provide greater visibility and safety to below ground spaces;

(d)        to encourage development that reinforces and preserves the character of the existing communities within the area, by promoting needed pedestrian amenities;

(e)        to coordinate the present and future relationship of land uses within the Special District including weather protected public access to the underground transit system; and

(f)        to promote the most desirable use of land in the area and thus to conserve the value of land and buildings, and thereby protect the City's tax revenues.