General requirements for the West 30th Street Corridor

A pedestrian way (henceforth referred to as the “West 30th Street Corridor”), shall be provided along the northerly sidewalk of West 30th Street adjacent to the area below the High Line.

(a)        General purpose

The West 30th Street Corridor is intended to serve the following purposes:

(1)        to serve as a transition space between the High Line and the West 30th Street sidewalk;

(2)        to allow for active frontages with publicly accessible spaces for establishments below the High Line; and

(3)        to provide an overall streetscape design that complements and provides views of the High Line along West 30th Street.

(b)        Location and dimensions

The West 30th Street Corridor shall be located in the area bounded by the High Line, Eleventh Avenue, West 30th Street and the eastern edge of the Southwest Open Space, as shown on Map 3 (Subdistrict F: Public Access Area Plan) in Appendix B.

In the north-south direction, the West 30th Street Corridor shall extend from the street wall of buildings beneath the High Line facing West 30th Street (which shall coincide with the northerly edge of the southern row of structural columns of the High Line) to the northerly street line of West 30th Street.

(c)        Core elements

The West 30th Street Corridor shall have the following provisions for its core elements:

(1)        a pedestrian access area at least 10 feet in width shall be provided along the entire length of the West 30th Street Corridor, linking Eleventh Avenue with the sidewalk adjacent to the Southwest Open Space. Such area shall be located a minimum of five feet beyond the northerly curb line of West 30th Street, and shall be free of obstructions;

(2)        portions between the required pedestrian access area and the High Line may be paved or landscaped; and

(3)        street trees shall be planted within five feet of the northern curb of West 30th Street. One tree shall be planted for every 25 feet of curb length. Fractions equal to or greater than one-half resulting from this calculation shall be considered to be one tree. Such trees shall be planted at approximately equal intervals along the entire curb length of West 30th Street.