General requirements for the Midblock Connection

A pedestrian way, (henceforth referred to as the “Midblock Connection”), shall be provided between West 33rd Street and the West 32nd Street Extension, as shown on Map 3 (Subdistrict F: Public Access Area Plan) in Appendix B.

(a)        General purpose

The Midblock Connection is intended to serve the following purposes:

(1)        to provide pedestrian access between West 33rd Street and the Western Rail Yard Subdistrict F; and

(2)        to provide amenities similar to a through block public plaza.

(b)        Location and dimensions

The entirety of the Midblock Connection shall be located between 335 feet and 455 feet west of the westerly Eleventh Avenue street line.

The minimum width of the Midblock Connection, measured in the east-west direction, shall be 60 feet.

(c)        Core elements

The Midblock Connection shall provide the following core elements:

(1)        A minimum of one unimpeded pedestrian access, with a minimum width of 12 feet, shall be provided to connect the West 32nd Street Extension with West 33rd Street;

(2)        A minimum of one linear foot of seating shall be provided for every 75 square feet of the Midblock Connection. A minimum of 50 percent of the required seating shall provide seatbacks; and

(3)        A minimum of 20 percent of the gross area of the Midblock Connection shall be landscaped with soft ground cover, and shall provide a minimum of one tree per every 1,500 square feet.