Public Access Areas in Pennsylvania Station Subarea B4

The provisions of this Section shall apply to any development in the Pennsylvania Station Subarea B4 of the Farley Corridor Subdistrict B.

(a)        Public space

A publicly accessible enclosed space with a minimum area of 32,500 square feet shall be provided. Such space shall have at least 100 feet of frontage along the Eighth Avenue street line, and have a minimum clear height of 60 feet. The length of such space shall not exceed four times its narrowest width. Up to one-half of such space may be below- grade but shall be visually connected to the at-grade space. Furthermore, such below-grade space shall be connected to the at-grade space by escalators on at least two sides. The retail and glazing requirements of Section 93-14 (Ground Floor Level Requirements) shall apply to least 70 percent of the length of all building walls facing each side of such space. Such space shall provide direct access to the through block connection required pursuant to paragraph (b) of this Section, adjacent building lobbies and transit facilities.

(b)        Through block connection

A through block connection shall be provided linking West 31st Street and West 33rd Street, at least 300 feet from Eighth Avenue and with direct access to the public space required pursuant to paragraph (a) of this Section. Such through block connection shall have a minimum clear width of 20 feet and may be open or enclosed. If enclosed, such through block connection shall have a minimum clear height of 30 feet.

(c)        Plaza

A publicly-accessible plaza, open to the sky, may be provided at the intersection of Eighth Avenue and West 31st Street. Such plaza shall have a minimum area of 12,000 square feet with a minimum frontage of 60 feet along West 31st Street, and be provided in accordance with the standards for public plazas set forth in Section 37-70, inclusive.

(d)        Corner circulation space

Corner circulation spaces shall be provided at the corners of Eighth Avenue and West 31st Street and Eighth Avenue and West 33rd Street. Such spaces shall comply with the requirements for corner circulation spaces of paragraph (d) of Section 37-53. Such spaces shall count towards meeting the pedestrian circulation space requirements of Section 93-63. However, no corner circulation space shall be required at the corner of Eighth Avenue and West 31st Street if a plaza is provided at such corner in accordance with paragraph (c) of this Section.