Special Height and Setback Regulations in Subdistrict G

(a)        Required setbacks

The required minimum setback for portions of buildings or other structures that exceed the maximum base height specified in paragraph (a) of Section 93-42 shall be 10 feet from a wide street and 15 feet from a narrow street. However, the required minimum setback along West 39th Street shall be five feet.

(b)        Tower lot coverage

The portion of any building or buildings located above a height of 150 feet shall be considered a “tower.”

(1)        Towers shall occupy a minimum of 20 percent of the lot area of the zoning lot, except that this requirement shall not apply to the highest 40 feet of such tower or towers.

(2)        Towers containing residences shall occupy a maximum of 40 percent of the lot area.

(3)        The aggregate lot area of all towers, including residential and non-residential towers, shall not exceed 65 percent of the lot area.