Special Height and Setback Regulations in Subdistrict F

The height and setback regulations set forth in this Section, inclusive, shall apply to specific development sites identified as Sites 1 through 6 on Map 2 (Subdistrict F: Site Plan) in Appendix B. All buildings or other structures developed or enlarged within Subdistrict F, with the exception of those approved as part of a public access area pursuant to Section 93-78 (Site and Landscape Plans for Public Access Areas in Subdistrict F), shall occur within these designated site locations. However, portions of a building located entirely below grade, and exempt from the definition of floor area, shall be permitted to extend beyond such designated site locations. Furthermore, the boundary of Site 6 may be extended in a westerly direction, by up to 40 feet, to accommodate a public school in accordance with the provisions of paragraph (b) of Section 93-568 (Site 6).

Map 4 (Mandatory Sidewalk Widenings) in Appendix A identifies the location of a sidewalk widening required along Eleventh Avenue that is referenced in this Section, inclusive. Regulations governing the design of this sidewalk widening are set forth in Section 93-61.

Public access areas in Subdistrict F shall be comprised of publicly accessible open spaces, private streets and pedestrian ways. Map 3 (Subdistrict F: Public Access Area Plan) in Appendix B identifies the location of publicly accessible open spaces, private streets and pedestrian ways that are referenced in this Section.

Publicly accessible open spaces are comprised of the Western Open Space, the Central Open Space, the Southwest Open Space, the Northeast Plaza, the Midblock Connection and the High Line. General rules governing such publicly accessible open spaces are set forth in Section 93-75 (Publicly Accessible Open Spaces in Subdistrict F).

Publicly accessible private streets are comprised of the West 32nd Street Extension (including the Allee, as defined in paragraph (c)(2) of Section 93-761 and shown on Map 3 in Appendix B) and the West 31st Street Extension. Publicly accessible pedestrian ways are comprised of the West 30th Street Corridor, and the Connector. General rules governing such private streets and pedestrian ways are set forth in Section 93-76 (Publicly Accessible Private Streets and Pedestrian Ways in Subdistrict F).

For the purposes of applying height and setback regulations, the term “buildings” shall include buildings or other structures.